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In an upcoming episode of Titan American Built, Titan will return to the neighborhood he grew up in on the island of Maui. While there Titan, Titan visited his High School to speak about the challenges he faced while growing up. Chris Sugidono of ‘The Maui News’ was there to record some of the key details that helped Titan become what he is today.

‘Can’t change the past’

Former Mauian says, but he’s eager to give back to community

“I had people who believed in me, trusted me and helped me,” Gilroy said. “And I failed everyone.”

Gilroy was charged with three counts of assault after breaking the jaw of one man and causing brain damage to another outside 505 Front St. in Lahaina. He was sentenced to 10 years in prison.

“Instead of walking away and leaving, I got into it and ended up hitting two people,” he said. “I hurt both of them really bad. It was a terrible thing.”

After serving just three years due to good behavior, Gilroy gave up fighting and now owns a multimillion-dollar machine shop that builds parts for companies such as NASA, BMW and Kahului’s HNu Photonics. He also stars in a new reality TV show.

He is back on Maui to shoot for his show and to speak at the high school that helped him and the community he hurt.

“My life was over so many years ago. I had ruined everything,” he said. “But God gave me a second chance and I’m building parts going to outer space that are saving people’s lives.

“I put everything into it because that’s how I was built when I was boxing – I put everything in it.”

Gilroy, 45, began his life on the run with his mother and older sister. The family moved throughout the country, evading an abusive father, and ended up on Maui when Gilroy was in the 3rd grade.

The family was homeless for a few years and forced to live in a tent at Chang’s Beach in Wailea, while their mother cleaned houses for a construction company. When they finally got their first apartment, there were big holes in the ceiling that would leak whenever it rained.

“It was a normal life for people who don’t have a lot of money,” Gilroy said.

At school and in his neighborhood, Gilroy was picked on for his race and took up fighting to defend himself. He began training every day with his neighbor who was known as “the toughest guy on the entire island.”

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